I have worked with SVN and VSS for source control. Both are centralized source control system. Git is distributed. It has several advantages over centralized ones. Just to mention a few:

  1. Branching is very easy,cheap and fast. This makes experiments an easy task.

  2. You are always working on a local copy of repo and disconnected from the server.

  3. Git is incredibly fast.

  4. Commands are easy.

  5. Gui tools have matured and are getting better.

Basics of git are at git-scm.com

Great insight from community on concepts such branching , cloning and forking are at this post

You can get awesome visual studio git tools here The documentation is nice and readable. You can get it working within minutes.

Github.com has nice tools. It is widely used for git repos but they charge for private repos. This posthas a number of free private source repo options. I personally like bitbucket. It is convenient.

Finally, learn all the details with Rob Conery at Tekpub and become a git ninja!

Git is dirt simple. It works and fits perfectly to me.