Yogiraj Aradhye

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My name is Yogi Aradhye. I'm a software engineer, author and speaker based in Austin, TX. It's nice to meet you.

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Healthy and easy taco chicken bowl

I started cooking out of necessity as a student away from home. I got tired of eating crappy food and decided to do it myself. I found excitement in creating flavors that I like. It gives me the same kicks…

Dealing with Parsing changes in .NETCORE 3.1

I was working on a feature to migrate Totem to the latest .NETCORE framework upgrade. I was upgrading it to 3.1 version from 2.1. I expected some breaking changes. Microsoft has done a good job of documenting those…

Refactoring the architect's role - The smells

Refactoring the architect's role - The smells

The autonomy that comes with microservices is very attractive to our customers. Sometimes it starts to become a double-edged sword of sorts. They realize that the power of autonomy comes with a great responsibility for the development teams and the…