Yogiraj Aradhye

Hi there!

My name is Yogi Aradhye. I'm a software engineer, author and speaker based in Austin, TX. It's nice to meet you.

Latest Articles

AWS vs. Azure vs. GCP: From quandary to cloud migration

AWS vs. Azure vs. GCP: From quandary to cloud migration

Cloud adoption is happening at a rapid pace these days. With a global pandemic raging, the cloud is only gaining more steam. Disasters always drive home the urgency of readiness and responsiveness. One of our clients experienced this firsthand during…

Healthy and easy taco chicken bowl

I started cooking out of necessity as a student away from home. I got tired of eating crappy food and decided to do it myself. I found excitement in creating flavors that I like. It gives me the same kicks…

Dealing with Parsing changes in .NETCORE 3.1

I was working on a feature to migrate Totem [https://github.com/HeadspringLabs/Totem] to the latest .NETCORE framework upgrade. I was upgrading it to 3.1 version from 2.1. I expected some breaking changes. Microsoft has done a…

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