Presentation from Code Camp 6 (run index.html from the presentation folder)

MicroStackOverflow demo project from the presentation

StackExchange public data dump

StackExchange data explorer

Forked Data importer for StackExchange 

Why Micro-ORM?

My prologue post about the talk

That annoying insert problem by Sam Saffron

Select N+1 problem (stack overflow)

Dapper Links:

Dapper Site

Dapper Extensions

Dapper Simple Crud

PetaPoco Links:

PetaPoco link

PetaPoco  on github

Simple.Data Links:

Simple.Data on github

Introducing simple data post

Simple Data documentation


Simple.Data.Pad (similar to LINQ pad)

Mark Rendle on Herding code pod cast

Miscellaneous  links:

Hanselminutes from with Rob Conery and Sam Saffron talking about Micro-ORM

Similar presentation

Jon Skeet on Dynamic Gotchas