This developer’s life podcast by Scott Hanselman and Rob Conery has enlightened me in a several different ways. It refreshes me… it makes me feel more positive…more excited…more optimistic..more motivated..makes me think more inclusive than exclusive. It inspires me to do more development..try out more things.

On the podcast, some awesome guest mostly from the development world comes on and he/she talks about their life experiences. The way it is structured is very unique. It doesn’t have the one-on-one hackneyed interview pattern. It’s different in several ways. There are cool topics, different types of songs played, jokes; a fun experience in several different ways. It underlines and highlights the role developers/techies play in organizations. The pressures they are under and how they deal with it,their down time activities,etc. This is more about developer’s personality and of course his/her life. Certainly, most of developers can their own bit in it somewhere.

I like all of them but Pressure, Learn, Education and Abstraction are my favorites so far.

My favorite quote was about open source. It goes more or less like “Chefs always share their recipes but not everyone can execute it. So there’s no harm in open source.”
Some other podcasts I like to listen to are :
.Net Rocks