Micro-ORM, Why should you care?

Before we look at anything, we must try to understand what an ORM is. It stands for object relational mapper. It tries to solve a very common problem of impedance mismatch between the set based SQL world and the loops…

Installing Windows 8 on a MacBook

Installing Windows 8 on a MacBook

After dealing with continuous hardware and drivers issues on Lenovo IdeaPad y560 ( for more than 2 years!), I decided to sell it off and get a MacBook pro. After all, Apple just makes good hardware and provides very good support…

Clean way to create CSV from MVC application

I am working on a cool reporting MVC app using Highcharts and Datatable.net. The app has export feature. Users may want to get an extract of the data in some form that they can use. There are multiple ways…

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